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SUMMARY OF FINDINGS: FP providers should screen males for depression. SUMMARY OF FINDINGS: Providing reproductive health services and pregnancy prevention were predictors of offering prescriptions for EC.

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RWV has a special missionof engaging women who are not often invited into health policy discussions: women of color, lowincome women, immigrant women, young women, and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community.

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Repeated use was predicted by perceived ability to use, personal and partner satisfaction, dislike of male condoms, and previous diaphragm use. Health Program will receive information both orally and in writing during a family planning visit on how to access primary care services at the nearest Federally Qualified Health Center or other primary care provider.

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Women, especially young women, are often unaware or have limited knowledge of the implications of diabetes on their reproductive lives. Patients can then return to Palmetto for regular lab services, the results of which are shared with the prescribing provider. Planned Parenthood clinic in Houston, Texas, on Jan.

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